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Same Day Dentures

older woman smiling after same day dentures from Jeanette Thai, DDS in Lake Forest, CAIf you want somebody that knows all about same day dentures, reach the team at Jeanette Thai, DDS. We will be delighted to help with all of your same day denture needs.

It is sometimes necessary for us to have all or some of our teeth removed. While modern procedures help to eliminate as much discomfort from the process as possible, we have still left with quite a significant problem afterward: Missing teeth. One or two teeth may not make much of a difference but any more than that, and you can find that even some of the simple things in life become difficult. Chewing can be difficult and even talking might become harder. That and your smile may not be as beautiful as it once was. The good news, however, is that our team of dentistry experts have just the solution.

Fitting the Same Day

Same day dentures are just as the name suggests: dentures that you can have fitted the same day you have teeth removed. This is very advantageous because it means you don’t have to wait for long with missing teeth until your dentures arrive. They are a godsend to many people that need dental work done, and our team is on hand to tell you all about how they work.

In addition to aesthetics and helping you eat, these dentures have some other benefits. For instance, having dentures fitted straight away after having teeth removed helps to protect the gums as they heal. It also gives the patient the opportunity to start getting used to dentures straight away, preparing them for when it is time to have permanent dentures fitted. There are some negative as well, though, such as cost and that they may need readjustments as the gums and jaw heal from surgery. Visit us, and we will be happy to let you know more about the pros and cons of same day dentures.

The Procedure

To make sure that your dentures fit properly, we will need to arrange appointments with you before your teeth are removed. This will allow us to take impressions of your teeth, so we know the exact dimensions that are involved. We will also perform any other procedures that need to be done. It is also common for any back teeth to be removed 6-8 weeks before the rest of the teeth. This allows the gum and jaw at the back to heal before the rest of the teeth are removed.

There is a benefit in taking impressions of your mouth with your existing teeth still present. Being able to see the exact size and shape of your natural teeth allows us to get a precise idea of how your new dentures will fit. This helps provide a better fit and reduces the need for adjustments later on.

If you have any question about same day dentures, then please feel free to call the professionals at Jeanette Thai, DDS at (949) 837-8482. We are looking forward to your call and help you with any queries that you might have.


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If you want somebody that knows all about same day dentures, reach the team at Jeanette Thai, DDS. We will be delighted to help with all of your same day denture needs.
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