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Oral Cancer Screening

Woman talking to dentist during dental exam at Jeanette Thai, DDS in Lake Forest, CAMouth Cancer is a rare but dangerous type of cancer that needs to be detected early to be curable. Regular Oral Cancer Screening looks for any signs of cancer in your mouth. At Jeanette Thai, DDS, we will carefully screen and examine your mouth to try and identify any signs of cancer. We are oral health experts who seek to ensure any issues you might have are dealt with in good time.

How It’s Done

During the screening, we will first physically examine your mouth on the inside. Any mouth sores, white or red patches, lumps, and any other abnormalities are calls for an in-depth examination. You will also have to remove your partial or complete dentures if you wear any. The tissues underneath them need to be examined as well.

Depending on the results of the physical examination, additional tests might be recommended. The additional tests might include the use of a dye or special light. You might have to rise your mouth with blue dye. Abnormal or damaged cells can pick up the dye and be noticeable. A special light may be shone into your mouth as well. Any abnormal tissues appear white under the illumination of the special light.

Who Needs Oral Cancer Screening?

Everyone can go for Oral Cancer Screening. The aim is to detect the cancer signs early when it is easy to treat and cure them. Some people have higher risks of contracting oral cancer though. Hereditary issues of oral cancer, alcohol abuse, and tobacco use might increase a person’s risk of getting oral cancer.

If you engage in any of these activities, you might want to have an Oral Cancer Screening performed now and then. If you are in a high-risk category of getting oral cancer, screening to detect it early on can save you a great deal of pain, inconvenience, and money in the future.

What Next After Screening?

If you are cleared of any oral cancer signs, practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding risks factors such as alcohol and tobacco is a good idea. In the unfortunate event that some signs of oral cancer are detected, you will have to start treatment. The kind of treatment you get will depend on the severity of the condition.

Oral cancer is caused by precancerous lesions that develop in the mouth. If detected early, these lesions will be removed and the risk of getting oral cancer eliminated. Proper diagnosis is essential. You might have to endure a series of tests before treatment commences.

Oral Cancer Screening, though not yet proven as an effective prevention measure, is an essential step for anyone who is involved in one way or the other with the risk factors.

Get in touch with Jeanette Thai, DDS at (949) 837-8482 if you need any clarifications about Oral Cancer Screening and whether you should get it done. As already mentioned, Oral Cancer is quite rare, but dangerous if not detected and treated early. Regardless of what records say about the effectiveness of Oral Cancer Screening, it is a good idea to get checked regularly.


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Oral Cancer Screening | Jeanette Thai, DDS | Lake Forest dentist
Regular Oral Cancer Screening looks for any signs of cancer in your mouth. Get in touch with Jeanette Thai DDS if you need any clarifications about Oral Cancer Screening.
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