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Dentistry for Kids

Young girl brushing her teeth after her exam at Jeanette Thai, DDS in Lake Forest, CAAt Jeanette Thai, DDS we have diversified our dentistry options for kids so that parents can count on our highly qualified pediatric dentists to help them put healthy smiles on the faces of their kids. Our pediatric dental specialists will go out of the way to discuss with parents dental cleaning techniques to help keep children’s teeth free of cavities.

Educating Kids in Good Dentistry

As you make vital health decisions for your kids and their general well-being, don’t hesitate to also take into account their dental health. Assisting your kids in maintaining good oral hygiene such as brushing their teeth on a regular basis goes a long way in ensuring they will continue practicing oral hygiene even in their adult age. Our team of professionals will also help to guide and educate your children in good oral hygiene when they visit us.

People who take good care of their teeth and mind about their oral health will most likely not experience frequent dental problems in their lives. Having good oral health makes children able to maintain a positive self-image and this in a way even helps such children to perform better academically.

Regular Check-Ups

Open of the best ways to deal with dental problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. One way to achieve this is to make regular visits to us so that we can check your children’s teeth thoroughly. This helps us to stop any problems before they can develop, potentially saving considerable discomfort and cost further along the line. We also understand that children will probably not enjoy a trip to the dentist, so we will do what we can to make the experience as enjoyable for them as possible.


As mentioned above, regular cleaning is important when it comes to oral hygiene. Children are not always disciplined in this regard, though, and cleanings might often be missed. What’s more is that children's preference for sweet foods means they are more likely to have much sugar on their teeth. During check-ups with us, we will also undertake any cleaning that may be necessary. This can involve the removal of plaque and tartar that might cause problems further down the line.


Children are fortunate in that they still have another set of teeth to come once theirs fall out. With this in mind, we may take a slightly different approach when it comes to dealing with problem teeth. Procedures on children tend to be of the type that involves helping their teeth and mouth to develop in the desired manner. This might sometimes mean removing certain teeth that are getting in the way. Braces are also a common procedure among in children as it makes sense to try and guide their dental structure as they are still growing.

If you would like to know more about dentistry for kids, please call us at Jeanette Thai, DDS at (949) 837-8482. We look forward to taking your call and answering any questions you might have.


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Dentistry For Kids | Jeanette Thai, DDS | Lake Forest, CA dentist
If you would like to know more about dentistry for kids, please call us at Jeanette Thai, DDS. We look forward to taking your call and answering any of your questions.
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