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Dental Implants
Lake Forest, CA

Rendering of jaw with dental implant from Jeanette Thai, DDS in in Lake Forest, CAEven though many other alternatives exist on the market, dental implants are still one of the most effective techniques to replace a missing tooth and restore your smile. According to Jeanette Thai, DDS, the primary advantage of an implant is that it looks the same as other natural teeth and maintains the patients’ health for years to come.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a tiny post often made of titanium (a hard silver-gray metal) and functions as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. During the procedure, the replacement tooth is attached to the dental implant using a connector referred to as an abutment. This connector may be put on top of the dental implant or incorporated directly into it. The dental implant procedure is finished with the implantation of a crown - a substitute tooth made to look exactly like your other teeth.

Single vs. Multiple Tooth Implants

Single tooth dental implants consist of empty tooth sockets that readily fuse with the jawbone within one to two months, and after the process is complete, they are ready to support a single dental crown. In contrast, multiple tooth dental implants support the fixture of a bridge or denture. In addition to this, they easily fuse with the jawbone. The treatment procedures of both implants at Jeanette Thai, DDS are of the highest quality.

Which Implant is Right for You?

Generally, a single dental implant is performed on a single missing tooth due to tooth decay, infection of the gums, or even an injury sustained while playing sports. The procedure for placing a single dental implant involves inserting a very small implant post into the jawbone in the area where a tooth is missing. On the other hand, multiple tooth implants are beneficial for patients with multiple missing teeth. The surgery is performed with the fixture of a bridge or a denture.

Dental Implants Timeline

The amount of time it takes to get implants depends on several factors, including your personal needs, jawbone condition, medical and dental history, implant technique, and materials. In straightforward situations, the procedure could just take a few months, while sometimes, it can take more than a year. Jeanette Thai, DDS and at Jeanette Thai, DDS can give you an accurate idea of what to expect during the procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure

The following are the primary stages that make up the process of getting dental implants:
•  To begin, Jeanette Thai, DDS will perform the initial evaluation.
•  will implant the device into your jawbone.
•  You may require some time to heal after the initial surgery.
•  Finally, will attach the replacement teeth.

Note that the processes that make up each part of the dental implant methodology can differ depending on the type of dental implant and any additional surgeries you might have.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Now that you are familiar with dental implants, it is time to book an appointment with Jeanette Thai, DDS and to get a full understanding of the procedure. To schedule an appointment at Jeanette Thai, DDS for your dental implant procedure, call us at (949) 837-8482 today.


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